ERRATA for Clause and Effect


Page 15            The top line should be omitted


Page 18            .(.a,.(b,[])),.(c,[])) is in fact a list.


Page 24            <= should be =<

Page 32            cen-sored should be censored.

                        fiddlestick should be fiddlesticks.


Page 35            herd([sheep|T], [sheep|S]),G) :- herd(T,S,G)

                        should be

                        herd([sheep|T], [sheep|S],G) :- herd(T,S,G)


Page 39            goose). should be goose),


Page 46-47      There is no Worksheet 21.


Page 48            in the last clause, n([], I, []) should be n(I, [], [])


Page 57            n >0 should be n>0


Page 73            line 3 of last text para should not be indented


Page 78            nand(T3,B,T5) should be nand(T3,I2,T5)


Page 81            In second line of dist, sop(P*Q,P1) should be sop(P*Q,Q1)


Page 83            ?- reduce should be ?- remove


Page 89            Grey should be Gray


Page 115          On the figure, the abscissa should be labelled Re, not R


Page 116          O() notation needs consistent font


Page 121          standard technique should be this standard technique


Page 131          higher-order functions needs to be introduced before map is used


Page 134          The code is not entirely correct


Page 138          In last line, Z needs to be in typewriter font.